Club Officers

Officers of the Club

Chairman – P. Stroud

Secretary – H. Imbert

Treasurer – N. Watson

General Committee Members

Fixture Secretary – G.S Pope

Saturday 1st Captain – D. Pye

Saturday 2nd Captain – G.Abbot

Sunday Captain – M.Long / J.Watson

Colts LeaderP.Stroud

Ground Manager – A.Stroud

Pavilion Manager - P.Stroud

Bar Manager – R.Hull

Bar Treasurer - A.Chambers

Social Media Manager – J.Long

Social Secretary - R.Hull

Welfare Officer – H.Imbert

Membership Secretary - L.Austin

Other Positions

Saturday 1st Vice Captain – V.Lingala

Saturday 2nd Vice Captain – D.Stainer

Sunday Vice Captain – P.Warriner


J. Lowe

Vice Presidents

A. McTurk, Denis Fenton, B.Price, C.Gray, L.Gray, C. Harries, D.Harries, D.Hill, B.Marshall, P.Stroud, P.Richardson, C.Shaw, P.Shaw, B.Staples, B.Stroud, H.Styles, J.Power, J.Pye, J.Stroud