Benefits of Sponsorship

The advantages of sponsoring South Weald

South Weald Cricket Club has a number of unique opportunities for exposure we think your business could benefit from, these include:

Advertisement Board Exposure

Signage Exposure outside the ground along the busy cut-through road, Sandpit Lane. Significant amount of passing traffic and located in an ideal high visibility spot as pictured to the right.

Advertisement boards placed inside the ground will be placed at maximum visibility areas both on the main and junior pitches. This will give full exposure to both club members, junior teams and visiting opposition.

South Weald Main Pitch Banners

The Banners located off the busy cut-through Sandpit Lane

Maximum Exposure inside our club

Whilst it’s impossible to measure exactly how many people would be exposed to your business signage each week, the figure would be based on;

2 Adult matches played at home a week (1x Saturday & 1x (most) Sundays).

Under 11’s & 13’s + parents on Friday Evenings.

Adults training on Wednesday Evenings.

Mid-week games played at home four times a year.

Annual Sports competition (hosted by a large local firm) which is attended by 200 employees.

Annual Schools Cricket Tournament attended by 150 people.

Various social events held throughout the year.

Other club hired events (such as weddings).

The Banners located on the South Weald 'Juniors' Pitch

South Weald Wedding

A wedding held at South Weald CC

Wide Online Local Audience

We also have significant coverage online. Our website ( is extremely popular and attracts an average of 12,000 views a year. This goes alongside our very active social media pages, particularly our Instagram account that has over 1000 followers.

We have also recently launched this website which we hope will increase our exposure in the local area and attract new members as well as giving us another platform to advertise our club and sponsors. Please see our current sponsor page to see the exposure we offer.

Wide Distribution

The extensive advertising we offer includes; the club handbook, ground signage and the notice board which are all touch points with the members, families and passing traffic. This alongside our social media platforms and website are further ways of engagement with the local community.

Brand Awareness

With such a number of different exposures, we’re sure we can help you raise your brand awareness.

South Weald Match Day

Match-day at South Weald

South Weald Car Park

The new extended front car park at South Weald

Local Communities

We have also invested a lot into the club recently and continue to plan future projects that will help us connect more with local communities.

For example, we have recently upgraded our car park which will allow the club to be used as an all-year-round facility rather than just summer venue. We are also planning to upgrade our existing plumbing system to allow for better conditions during the cold winter months.

Does this appeal to you?

If this sounds like something you are interested in finding out more about, then please visit our 'Sponsorship Opportunities' page.