South Weald Fundraiser

South Weald Fundraiser - Published 27th February

South Weald Cricket Club is very much overdue a replacement outfield mower following increased difficulties to operate the machinery (which has now been in use for way over 25 years). This has put an increased burden on the most basic fundamental for any cricket club which is making sure the outfield is properly maintained.

It has therefore been proposed to bring in a newer mower to the club, these of course do not come cheap.

Rather than leaving the expense up to a few members, SWCC needs the club to come together and help support this important future investment which will hopefully help cricket flourish at what is an important place for us all to play cricket.

It goes without saying this is a vital bit of equipment and without the pitch being cut, no cricket can be played!

South Weald Mower

It is hoped we can raise roughly 1/5 of the total cost.

Full details can be found here -